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August 2009

August 22, 2009 - Sacramento
Sacramento Monarchs Breast Health Awareness Night!
7 p.m. presented by Raley's and Bel Air and Radiological Associates of Sacramento! Reserve your spot for the special pregame Survivor Reception. Sign Up

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Tattoo Artists Creating "Art for a Cure" for Breast Cancer Awareness Prevention & Survival

Breast Cancer Survivors Apply for a Tattoo

Learn about Male Breast Cancer

Give someone a free mammogram

Recycle for Breast Cancer


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Call for Artists - for Art Bra Show II (September 2009) Read about it in the Blog/Bulletin Board.

New! Show how you "Knock Out Breast Cancer"!

Read this interesting article from The Panelist and decide for yourself if breast cancer is "a sexy illness to exploit for fun and profit".

Learn more about the "Think before you pink" Campaign a project of Breast Cancer Action

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Knock Out Breast Cancer is a website I created to share the information I learned and gathered during my own fight with breast cancer. Although the local resources and events listed here are mainly for the Sacramento and Northern California area, this site is meant to be a resource for anyone touched by breast cancer. I hope you will find this site useful.

         - Petra B.

This website is dedicated to the memory of Clove Gingrich.

Lymphedema is an often ignored complication following breast cancer treatment. But it can be prevented. Knowledge is power!!! I recommend a book called Lymphedema: A Breast Cancer Patient's Guide to Prevention and Healing by Jeannie Burt and Gwen White, P.T. More Lymphedema books can be found in the Library page. Lymphedema resources can be found on the Resources page.

"Cancer is often equated with the other Big C: Loss of Control. It causes anxiety, because if you don't know what caused you to have cancer, you don't know what to do to keep it from coming back." - Julia Rowland, PhD - -Cure Magazine Survivors Issue 2006-

Breast Cancer Research Stamp

The Breast Cancer Research fundraising or "semipostal" stamp was issued on July 29, 1998, at a first day ceremony held in the White House. It was the first semipostal in U.S. history.

To date, the stamp has raised over $50 million for breast cancer research. By law, 70 percent of the net amount raised is given to the National Institutes of Health and 30 percent is given to the Medical Research Program at the Department of Defense.

Designed by Ethel Kessler of Bethesda, MD, the stamp features the phrases, "Fund the Fight" and "Find a Cure" and an illustration of a mythical "goddess of the hunt" by Whitney Sherman of Baltimore.
                        Buy some today!

Hungary recently became the first country outside the United States to adopt the stamp for breast cancer research and related activities. Several other nations are considering doing the same.

February 2009 - Updated the events. Submit a California Event Updated Library - new book and magazines. Items marked with New! are new additions to the site.

Knock Out Breast Cancer - Now on MySpace!

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